Gay Pride Amsterdam, Netherlands 2016

In August 2016 we took a wonderful trip to Europe with the family, which started in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is, for very good reason, one of the most photographed cities in the world, along with Paris and Venice. The reflective quality of the water everywhere makes the city absolutely gorgeous, and the architecture is breathtaking. We had never been to Amsterdam or the Netherlands, and we absolutely loved the feeling of tolerance that permeates every interaction in the most liberal city of Europe. We spent several days seeing museums, and took a wonderful bike tour through the city to the countryside, saw windmills and sampled delicious cheese. We knew that the last day of our stay the Pride celebration was scheduled. The tradition in Amsterdam is to have a parade of boats celebrating Gay Pride through the canals, ending in the Grand Canal. Each day of our stay, the canals became a little more crowded with boats preparing for Pride. The last day we were in Amsterdam, the city and canals were filled. It was the most amazing Gay Pride Parade I have ever seen. The city throbbed with music, rainbow flags flew, and pink was the color of the day. It was absolutely spectacular.


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