Yellowstone National Park May 2019

Other worldly, alien beauty. These are the words often used to describe Yellowstone National Park. After our visit there in May 2019 it is easy to understand why. And yet these are the wonders within the reach of our natural world, available to us as mere mortals within our own National Parks system. Truly if you wish to feel humbled by the power of nature, all you need do is visit any National Park, or go to the base of any mountain. A lesson I am reminded of every time I do. And yet, Yellowstone was something else entirely. Here is not the pristine and clear, pure, delicate beauty we so often associate with our escape into forest bathing, but raw, seething, ruthless power. Warning signs stating that stepping off the boardwalk may cause injury because the pH of the pool is so acidic it can melt your boots. Boiling, sulfurous steam shooting hundreds of feet. And all this balanced too, with delicate meadows, wildlife, crackling lakes of ice, and rainbow palettes dotting the land. We were awestruck.




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