Joshua Tree National Park, March 2020

It was to be my last Spring Break Ever. One of those precious final freedoms of medical school before Step One, and clinical rotations begin. We left Seattle amid rumors of an outbreak, not sure whether by the time we returned, school would be online and Seattle would be be closing down. We returned to a Ghost Town, driving home with a brave, masked Uber driver. But now I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

I had decided to bring my camera, a recommitment to myself to engage in my art. The beauty and sanctuary provided by the United States National Parks never disappoints. During our week, we enjoyed the strange beauty of both Joshua Tree National Park and Death Valley National Park. This post is about Joshua Tree, which we enjoyed for just one day on out drive from Palm Springs to Death Valley. The strange and twisted beauty of the Joshua Tree itself, so tough, specialized and adapted for the environmental conditions in which it grows, is humbling. Adding the towering boulders, canyons, cholla garden and ocotillo patch all added to the architectural sense of wonder that Joshua Tree evokes. We were humbled, and loved every minute.

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