Siem Reap, Cambodia

What an incredible adventure our time in Cambodia was. The opportunity to see the temples, especially Angkor Wat, inspired us to travel to Siem Reap. But the people of Cambodia, the hope and optimism in the air, the hospitality, and sincerity are why we fell in love with this place. From the moment we stepped into our hotel, Jaya House, we found Siem Reap to be abuzz with ideas, creativity, promotion, openness, and true heartfelt friendliness. It is impossible to describe how special this place is. If you have the chance, experience it.

Our amazing guide, Alibaba Angkor, showed us the modern human side of Siem Reap, as well as the ancient temples. He took time to show us his country in such a personal way, from sunset over the rice fields, to a womens village in the water, to local lunch spots. He honored us with an invitation to dine with his family, and we accepted. His lovely wife cooked us the most beautiful meal, and opened her home to us.

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